Statement Collection
Heather Worth designs throws, blankets, pillows and accessories out of cotton, cashmere and merino wool to satisfy a passion for timeless luxury
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Heather Worth Statement Throw Collection


Heather’s Statement Collection includes limited edition Cashmere and undyed Cashmere throws.

Some throws are enhanced with gold or silver printing.

These throws are a welcome embellishment in any room and are always cherished gifts.

Heather Worth Statement Collection

Cashmere Crab Throw

Undyed Cashmere Dragonfly Throw

Cashmere Single Snaffle Bit Throw

Cashmere Bee Throw

Undyed Cashmere Shou Throw

Cashmere Red Truth Throw

Cashmere Turtle Throw

Cashmere Silence Throw

Undyed Cashmere Blossom Throw

Cashmere Insight Throw

Undyed Cashmere Laurel Throw